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Oh my, what a journey this year has been. For many it has been a year of social isolation, illness and worry but also moments of JOY. We are not given a break from these worries just because it is the holiday season. HOWEVER, we can do little things to make our days brighter and maybe a little more peaceful. For instance, we know that a vaccine for COVID-19 is very close. Let’s hope that it is one of the answers to our prayers for ending the pandemic. For many of us we have had to change the way we do things every day. Including wearing masks, staying home, social distancing, cooking more at home and so much more. Some of these things are much easier to do than others. I have just finished up a two-week quarantine away from my husband and my children & grandchildren. Although I am lucky enough that I did not get COVID the worry was real. Several of my family members, including very young ones, did have it and although their cases were mild it was still scary. What I learned about myself in my two weeks of isolation is that I am stronger than I thought. I also learned that I would make a great hermit. I found plenty to do and managed to keep busy. Of course, I watched plenty of Christmas Hallmark movies too. My point in telling this is that I did manage to find JOY every day. Whether I was crafting or watching TV or simply walking to the mailbox and breathing in the crisp fresh winter air, I found JOY. I spent time watching the birds and trying to figure out how to keep the squirrels off of my bird feeder, of which I was sort of successful. I had lots of time to contemplate and think about life in general and all of my blessings. Early December is a great time to reflect on the year and look forward to Christmas and the promise of a new year.

This is a year where we have seen many blessings but also many losses. Living at Home has experienced those blessings and losses as well. We lost several friends due to COVID and our hearts and prayers go out to those families. We lost the opportunity to gather at our rib dinners, weekly coffee hours, monthly caregiver discussion group, and so much more, but the blessings we have experienced have been many as well. Although in home and in person volunteering has been greatly reduced for the safety of our clients and volunteers we have found that our faithful volunteers still want to help and bring JOY any way they can. This year LAH volunteers still managed to provide 1,475 hours of volunteer service by making calls to check on seniors, sending cards and letters and have driven over 17,000 miles providing essential transportation to doctor appointments, providing shopping and errands and no contact delivery to over 200 of our friends and neighbors. In a time when our community has been basically shut down since March these numbers speak volumes as to the generosity of the precious volunteers in our community. Neighbors helping neighbors, bringing JOY and doing it as safely as possible during a pandemic. Blessings of JOY to each and every one of you now and into the new year! Connie

In an effort to bring you some JOY this year we want you to have some fun! Try your hand at this scavenger hunt for common things in and around your home. Jot down your answers and have fun!

  • Name and expiration date of a spice in your cabinet:____________________
  • In a newspaper or magazine, find an ad for something 50% off____________
  • How many rolls of toilet paper do you have on hand:___________________
  • Find something in your home that starts with the letter ”E”:______________
  • Name three (3) birds out your window:______________________________
  • Name your favorite Christmas song:_________________________________
  • Name your favorite Christmas ornament:____________________________
  • How many eggs are in your refrigerator right now? ____________________
  • How many cans of vegetables are in your cupboard?___________________
  • Find something that is smaller than a penny:__________________________
  • Find an American coin and write the year:____________________________
  • Find a non-American coin and write the country:__________________
  • Find a battery and tell us what it belongs to:___________________
  • Find something that starts with the letter “C”:__________________
  • Find something that floats:______________________________
  • Find something that is red and green:________________________
  • Find something that sparkles:_____________________________
  • Find something that is soft:_____________________________
  • Name your favorite Christmas goodie/food:________________

Happy Holidays 2020 and a Joyous 2021

Many things have changed for all of us including Living at Home. We have not been able to do any of our usual fund raisers like our rib dinners that enable us to continue to provide the many services to seniors in our community. Please consider Living at Home in your “end of the year” giving. Another great way to donate is to consider planned giving in your estate planning. What a great way to leave a legacy that will continue to help so many people in the community you know and love! You could also give a tax deductible monetary donation in the name of a friend or family member. Living at Home is happy to send a holiday card to share the good news that a gift has been given in your loved one’s honor or memory. Simply include a note in your donation envelope stating you would like us to send a card and provide the recipient's name and address. Thank you for your continued generosity during the Christmas season and throughout the year! We could not continue helping seniors in our community without you!

Wednesday, February 01, 2023

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